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Many people have to deal with the intrusion of many insects and pests in front of their apartment. In order to successfully eradicate the phenomenon, there are command services for all types of insects and various pests in order to allow them to be removed from the apartment permanently. Professional exterminators come equipped with professional knowledge and of course quite a few preparations, sprays, powders or advanced traps in order to put an end to the intrusion of intruders into your apartment. Quite a few people wonder why there is a need to call in a professional and skilled exterminator who will charge hundreds of shekels for his work if there is a wide range of pesticides for all pests and insects in every supermarket.

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Why call a professional exterminator when pesticides can be purchased at any supermarket?

Therefore, before dealing with the most common pesticide services, pesticides available today compared to past pesticides and the best way to deal with insect and pest infiltration into the apartment for an extended period of time, it is important to emphasize some important differences between pesticides sold at any supermarket and ordering a professional exterminator. The first and most significant difference is the period of activity of the pesticide. Pest and insect control by pesticides in the supermarket will indeed do its job and will succeed in killing most of the various pests. But this killing will not last for a long time and sometimes more insects will enter the apartment the day after spraying with the help of the writer’s pesticides. On the other hand, a professional exterminator knows how to identify the identity of the insect and thus correctly choose the best and most powerful pesticides that will prevent it from returning to your apartment for an extended period of time of a few months to several years.

A professional exterminator, as opposed to self-pest control with the help of pesticides from the writer, will solve the problem permanently!

Also, pesticides sold in every supermarket contain extremely small toxic pesticides in order to allow any person, even without professional knowledge, to make use of these pesticides. On the other hand, the pesticides of professional exterminators are not approved for every person due to being much stronger and more significant. Before we deal with the different types of pesticides available today, here are some of the most sought after pesticides.

Cockroach extermination – many choose it every year

The first pesticide is of course a pesticide against cockroaches. Beyond the fact that cockroaches come from places that are not aesthetically pleasing to say the least and can spread quite a few bacteria, many people are disgusted and even afraid of them. Therefore, cockroach control is considered particularly common and there are many who choose to conduct professional pest control once every year. Pest control by a qualified professional who is well acquainted with all the different pest control options and knows how to make the right choice, will last at least a whole year.

Rodent control – all the best and most professional types and methods of pest control

The second and no less common pest control is the extermination of termites and a variety of different rodents. Today there are quite a few different strains of rodents that can severely damage all of your apartment furniture. Some even penetrate closets and create holes in quite a few clothes. The big problem in the process of dealing with some of the rodent varieties is the fact that they gnaw a lot of furniture from the inside without being visible to the outside. Often, until you realize that there are indeed rodents from a variety of varieties in the apartment, there is already quite a bit of hollow furniture almost completely due to the gnawing of the insects. If that is not enough, there are varieties whose habitat is underground which makes it very difficult to reach them with pesticides. Exterminators who are not professional enough did not know this which would cause them to fail in their attempt to eradicate the rodents in the apartment.

Proper identification of pests and familiarity with character – only qualified and experienced exterminators knew how to do this

In contrast, a professional and qualified exterminator who has gone through all the required training track knows very quickly to identify the identity of the pest. Proper identification and full familiarity with the nature of the pest will allow him to know exactly where his seat is and what is the best way to deal with the pest control procedure. One of the most common ways of dealing with rodents whose habitat is underground is the drilling of small holes through which pipes containing the pesticides can be inserted. These tubes release the substances directly into the seat of the rodents which helps to eradicate the phenomenon for many years. It is important to emphasize that these are tiny guys who clog completely right at the end of the job.

Extermination of mice – some traps will not always suffice

Another pesticide that requires your exterminator to be professional and experienced enough to thrive on the best side is mouse extermination. Many homes in Israel suffer from the intrusion of mice. The mice find hiding places in the apartment so it is very difficult to locate them and eradicate their intrusion. An exterminator who is not professional enough will settle for a few different traps in order to capture or even kill the wayward mouse that roams the apartment. Today there are glue traps against mice, power traps against mice and a variety of poisoned baits. These options will indeed be sufficient to prevent the mouse from continuing to stay in your apartment. But a professional and experienced exterminator thinks far beyond due to his familiarity with mice. He knows that there is a reasonable chance that the mice managed to give birth in the burrows in the apartment. On top of that he knows that the mice’s cubs do not come out of the burrows at all even if it will cause them to starve to death.

A professional exterminator knows how to combine sprays and traps

That is, the capture of the adult mouse or just killing it, will prevent the food from the puppies located in various burrows in the apartment, which will cause them to die within a short period of time, unpleasant odors and quite a few bacteria that will disperse in the apartment. Therefore, a professional exterminator knows that he must prepare all the traps and spray against mice in order to make them come out of the burrows directly into the prepared traps. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the right professional and certified exterminator with experience in the field.

Pesticides that were common for decades until a few years ago

Until a few years ago all exterminators used chemical pesticides that included high amounts of toxins. These toxins have indeed proven to be particularly effective, but in recent years they have been found to be harmful to the environment. Rising awareness of the importance of preserving the environment has led to a significant change in the whole world of pesticides. In recent years, they have begun to produce quite a few biological pesticides made from only natural materials. These pesticides do not harm the environment and have several other significant advantages over chemical pesticides. Among all the most significant benefits is the maintenance of the health of all those around and living in the apartment in question.

Chemical pesticides versus biological pesticides

Many studies in recent years show that people who have been in the vicinity of chemical pesticides for a long time have developed serious and dangerous diseases. In contrast, biological pesticides made from only natural substances are not dangerous at all. Also, chemical pesticides require the apartment owners to leave it for a few days of ventilating the odors and toxins. Biological pesticides do not require the departure of homeowners even during the spraying process itself. It is important to emphasize and say that all these benefits do not require the landlord to compromise on the results of the pesticide. Biological pesticides prove to be particularly effective and sometimes even more so than chemical pesticides.

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